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Religion as a whole is a farce

Religion as a whole is a farce, and without it this «issue» wouldn be an issue. Religion lets people not have to think, and lets them be able to point to words on paper as a way to justify them not having to think. Religion leads to violence, is the root cause for the majority of the worlds wars and the vast majority of the most disgusting events ever witnessed on the face of this planet..

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The Great Communicator sure knew how to deliver a great campaign speech. The standing room only crowd at the Mesquite Rodeo outside of Dallas loved the Gipper, and he delivered a nostalgic «Morning in America» speech that emphasized love for country, Western individualism and eternal optimism. I still remember the waving flags and the Reagan brand barbecue sauce distributed to his fans.

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Alternate captain Brendan Buckley made his Sharks debut, skating on defense and wearing No. 7. Buckley joined Patrick Traverse as the only two Sharks who also played for the IceCats. Neymar completely ‘unmotivated’ at Paris Saint Germain. Real Madrid set to make shock Juan Mata bid with. Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Mohamed Salah were.

Global warming is now, by anybody’s measure, a crisis. A crisis that America has to deal with and has to respond to. We have five million more people who’ve fallen into poverty while George Bush has been in office. The New York billionaire formally became the GOP standard bearer Thursday night on the convention stage in Cleveland. He will represent the Republican Party on the ballot in November. Ivanka Trump is calling her father «the people’s nominee.» Donald Trump’s oldest daughter tells the Republican National Convention that her father is a fighter.

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