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39 more for no reason the stupid mistake they’re makingFor many

Keep your wheels on the road and make sure you’re getting the best deal on your car insurance. There are cashback deals and special offers from all the major suppliers so compare them all and see what’s best for you.Insurance tycoon Sir Peter Wood could see his fortune rocket through proposed sale of industry giant esureMulti millionaire who founded company in 2000 would be quids in under sale to US private equity firm Bain Capital small print you don’t want to skim over and how much it could cost youMajority of drivers don’t bother reading ‘boring’ insurance documents, but risk overlooking key detailsNationwideOne person in five says they’d rather pay 268.39 more for no reason the stupid mistake they’re makingFor many people it’s not a choice, but one person in five is making the deliberate decision to pay more than they need for exactly the same serviceMan legally changes gender ‘so he can get cheaper car insurance as woman’He claims to be 100 per cent a man, but he is legally a woman, thanks to loopholeHow to get cheap car insurance quotes six secrets revealedHow you can use car insurance firms’ own tricks against them to lower your car insurance premium and get a cheaper quote 6 secrets revealedWhy you need to make an (official) complaint about your car insuranceDespite the grumbling, people don’t often make complaints about their car insurance so here are the 5 things you’re fully entitled to dispute, and the good news is that they can’t hold it against youToyotaThe cheapest and most expensive cars to maintain revealed and how you can save cashThe purchase price and petrol are far from the only costs associated with owning a car so here are the ones that cost the most and least to look afterCredit cardsThe reports that have cost 1 MILLION Brits a job what’s in them and how to improve yoursThey stop millions of Britons from getting phone contracts, rooms to rent and even jobs so what are credit reports, how do they work and what’s in yours? All you need to knowBanksHow to get your credit report into shape: MoneySaving champion Martin Lewis reveals allYour financial CV can play a huge part in your ability to borrow, get on the property ladder and even rent. This is what you need to knowThe free dashcam you already have and how to switch it on to save money on car insuranceUsing your mobile in the car doesn’t have to be costly, but with a new app https://www.replicaspace.com it could actually save you cash firms hiking premiums based on email addresses and even people’s NAMESHundreds of pounds can be added onto your bill on the back of seemingly minor details including where best replica bags you were bornDriving ban220 to beat a driving ban the astonishing number of drivers passing penalty points on to othersMillions of drivers had admitted to taking the blame for someone else’s driving offences, either out of pity of for cold, hard cash but it could be a huge mistakeThe ‘ghost brokers’ that take the cash out of your pockets with fake car insurance and how two criminals made 370,000 from itTwo men have been caught out for selling thousands of pounds worth of fake car insurance polices to unsuspecting drivers and it’s a con that’s growing by the day.

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